Ashley Agnew

Why I Rebranded

  1. Megan Andres says:

    Love that you are directed towards candid photos & authenticity!!

  2. Andrea Helton says:

    We love to go to races, four wheeling, and fishing.

  3. Katie Fackler says:

    Greg and I need a RZR themed couples session! 😂

  4. Cryl Geltmaker says:

    I can’t wait to have you do William do a senior session with you this year (Class of 2021)!! We are more than thrilled with the way his Eagle Scout pictures turned out. I’m excited to see what your new brand and techniques will bring to our family memories.❤️

  5. Brittany Hay says:

    We love riding the rzr, lifting, and sitting on our patio just hanging out together!

  6. Teresa Hanke says:

    We just love being “together”. …At the lake, segwaying, Big 4, or just on the couch’s with the 3 dogs.

  7. Danniele Blackman says:

    I am so excited for the sessions in the future with Braylee as she grows and to have you be a part of that I am confident they will be just perfect!

  8. Melissa Sprigler says:

    Hiking walking thru vinyard or garden all would be gorgeous. Everyday activities playing sports. Loved our family nature pictures this fall❤

    • Ashley Agnew says:

      We can definitely do that! Maybe picking some apples or peaches?! So glad you loved them!

  9. Sunny Dimmitt says:

    Candid photos are the best and you’re great at capturing some beautiful moments! Beautiful pictures and a beautiful human!
    We love to hike. Lol

    • Ashley Agnew says:

      You go to some of the best hiking spots! We could easily have a super cute hiking session!

  10. Kristy Kaffenberger says:

    We love just laughing together and being in the moment. Anything in nature. Love golden hour you know! We love you and are so proud of you!!!

  11. Halie says:

    We love spending time with Evelyn and doing things outside. Sitting around the fire, going on hikes and rzr riding.

  12. Alexis Applegate says:

    Ashley has an extraordinary talent. We absolutely loved our engagement pictures. She makes any photo session comfortable. My fiancé and I are so excited for her to be part of our big day. We would highly recommend her!!!

  13. Laura Bottorff says:

    My husband and I love to stay in, eat junk food and pizza and watch movies or our favorite shows. We love driving around exploring new places. When we are kid free and the weather is nice we will go walk somewhere and enjoy nature.

  14. Amanda M says:

    My husband is truly my “happily ever after, fairy tale kind of love”. We found each other after trials and tribulations and ended relationships (don’t want to say failed because we both got beautiful babies out of them). We’re each other’s kind of perfect and I would love to capture that in photos. I LOVE that you prefer candid over posed photos…those are my fav too! Good luck in all you do!

  15. Brit McCrite says:

    Laughing (candid photos)

  16. Beth K says:

    We love to go hiking, eat pizza, and play with our kiddos!

  17. Leslie Holdridge says:

    My husband and I love to go to sporting events, drink craft beer, and battle it out to Jeopardy =)

  18. Azalee Cole says:

    My life are my kids. They have grown tremendously into little humans the past few years since that first photo shoot. No couple format here just a mom and her kids!

  19. Karlyn says:

    Congratulations on your growing business. I love your concept of candid photos. I always thought it would be neat for someone to capture a family in their element: cooking, gardening, doing DIY projects. The things that bring you joy are what make for the best candid photos.

    • Ashley Agnew says:

      Thanks so much, Karlyn! A gardening session! That sounds like something I NEED to do! I can just see little hands digging in the dirt, and the watering can being passed around! Love that idea!

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