Ashley Agnew

So let’s be friends and create some memories from some of the best moments of your lives!

My day starts with an (extra) large cup of chai tea and ends binge watching FRIENDS reruns until I can’t hold my eyes open any longer. I don’t like to cook much, so it’s not uncommon to find me editing my photos into the wee hours of the night with a lap full of Taco Bell. If I’m not at home or at a session, I’m probably watching my son, Kohl, play baseball, basketball, soccer, etc. You name it, he wants to try it all! (But this momma is rooting for baseball!) I love warm, summer weather and sunsets that color the sky. Spending time with family and friends will always be a high priority to me. Oh, and I live to create photos that feed my soul.

I’m relaxed, laid back and go with the flow, but I’m always up for a new adventure!

So you want to know more...

Windblown hair and flowy dresses that get a little dirty while we shoot. I’ll give you some things to do together… some fun and some romantic, and the natural emotions will just come! I also love to listen to music while I shoot! It’s an easy way to lighten the mood and get everyone to relax! But aside from that, I want to know y’all, hear every little detail of your story, and capture it in exactly the way it deserves to be told. In 50 years, the little moments are the ones you’ll want to remember. I want to give you an amazing experience with me and photos that take you back to the way you felt in that exact moment.

Your session can be whatever you want it to be! If you like going fishing-- Let's do it! Baking cakes-- Count me in! Intimate in-home session-- I'm here for it! Hiking to a waterfall-- Let me grab my boots! If you’re looking for someone that will tell you to pose in awkward positions with fake smiles, I’m NOT your girl. I live for candid moments. The in between moments. I love capturing genuine, raw, real emotions.

I want your photos to be all about you. Your session doesn’t have to be boring and ordinary! I want to tell your story.

Want to know what it’s like shooting with me? Here ya go.

My Style

The fact that you’re even here already means so much to me! And your wedding day should be nothing short of amazing. I want you to be able to live in the moment. That’s why if you need your dress fluffed, I got you! Need a bobby pin for that stubborn hair that won’t stay in place? Let me grab one for ya. Need a glass of water (or wine) before you walk down the aisle? No problem. I’ll get goosebumps when your mom helps you get dressed. I’ll get butterflies during your first look. And I’ll cry during your father-daughter dance. (That last one gets me every time.)

This isn’t just a job to me...

Not everyone gets a first-look with their dad. Not everyone gets a chance to hop on the dance floor with their grandma. If you care more about the moments and the magic that you’ll feel in them, then I think you’ve come to the right place. 

These moments will go by so fast, and as much as you’ll want to remember every single one, it’s gonna be really freakin’ hard. And I hate that, but that’s why I do this!

The thing is..…